Cable Assemblies

Join Tek offers IATF 16949 certified services, providing high-capacity and excellent quality cable assemblies for automotive systems, incorporating cutting-edge innovations and versatile connectors for a complete solution.

New product launch

Discover our latest product launch showcasing cutting-edge specifications, user-centric design, and optimized products through high-quality production by JoinTek. Elevating user experiences remains our constant focus.

Certification of JoinTek

Incorporating stringent quality standards, Join Tek holds certifications in IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, among others. Our commitment extends to empowering customers in developing the utmost quality products.

Safeguarding Excellence: Quality Control at Every Step!

We carefully verify all aspects, from raw materials to semi-finished products and, most importantly, the final product, ensuring uncompromising quality throughout the entire process

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Our Recent Activity

Our Recent Activity

Join Tek In Taipei Cycle 2024 Join Tek joined Taipei Cycle and experienced great success. We connected with partners, made new friends, and interacted with competitors, all while promoting growth in the eco-friendly LEV sector. Every conversation about our projects

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Our Vision

As professional engineers, witnessing our products installed in various projects, whether they are complex or straightforward, fills us with immense pride and satisfaction. Observing our connectors and assembled cables integrated into vehicles or manufacturing machines, we truly feel like an integral part of the global engineering community

Mr. KC Yeh CEO

Natural Environment

We aspire to create a greener and safer world by offering clean and high-quality electronic components powered by renewable energy sources. Our mission is to contribute to a more wonderful world by actively participating in initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Ms. Mia Wang Sales Director

Taiwan-based Join Tek excels in connectors and wire harnesses since 1993, serving various industries globally. Diverse products, excellence, and eco-consciousness define us.


Explore connectors, cables, and categories in our product portfolio. For connectors or cable assemblies, you may contact us for further details.

We have multiple subsidiaries, including the Taipei headquarters, Valencia in Spain, Guangdong, Suzhou, Humen, and the production center in Zhongshan, Guangdong..