JT-E Plug Hybrid-25A For Battery




The JT-E plug Hybrid is a reliable solution for various applications like LEV, Industrial, Marine, and Test Machines. It excels in LEV battery applications, efficiently handling high currents due to Join Tek’s specialized terminal design. Despite its compact size, this snap-in connector ensures robust performance in harsh environments, boasting an IP67 protection rating validated through rigorous 100% airtight testing.

JT Titan Feature

  1. The compact yet powerful connector handles 25 Amps with ease.
  2. IP67 environmental protection (Airtight Tested).
  3. Simple installation with advanced poka-yoke system.
  4. Snap-in design.
  5. Supports high currents up to 25A.
  6. Ensures quick and secure connections.
  7. Compact, reliable, and environmentally protected.
  8. UL 94V-0 flammability rating.


  1. LEV
  2. Industrial
  3. Illumination
  4. Test Equipment


Item Number  JT Titan
Contacts  2 Pin Current 6 Pin Signal; or 2 Pin Current 4 Pin Signal
Dimension  OD 13.3 MM
Mating Type  Snap In
Rated Current 25A For the Current Pin, 2A for the signal Pin
Rated Voltage  60V
Insulation Resistance  ≥20MΩ
Contact Resistance  ≤10mΩ
Durability Repeated  Insert and withdraw up to 200 cycles
Ingress Protection  IP67
Temperature Range  -40°C~85°C


This product can be customized by using different type of cable, different type of test for specific projects. Contact Jointek for further information.

JT-E Plug Hybrid Datasheet


JT-E Plug Hybrid-25A For Battery