Join Tek provides an extensive selection of connectors and cable assemblies meticulously tailored for the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) sectors. Our connectors are thoughtfully designed to cater to this specific application, featuring compact sizes suitable for signal, data transmission, and power requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions for controllers, illuminations, batteries, sensors, throttles, e-lock, and more. Additionally, our Cable Assemblies service guarantees excellent and compact strain relief, simplifying cable installation within the bike’s tubes. The incorporation of snap-in connectors and an error-free design provides a user-friendly experience for our valued customers.


  1. Small connector (Maximum Outer Diameter 6mm) for the customer’s bike tube.
  2. Snap-In Connector is a must
  3. For battery solutions, snap-in high amps each pins with tiny and secured housing
  4. Excellent error free experience

These product series are commonly used in the industry or search “lev”