JoinTeK: Linking Precision, Backed by Comprehensive Testing.

Test equipment constitutes Join Tek’s paramount investment, rendering our team a dependable laboratory for meticulous inspections, tests, and the delivery of impeccable end products to our clientele. Furthermore, our adept laboratory personnel adeptly attend to every facet of customer requirements, maintaining elevated standards. “No quality, no product.”

Test Equipment List

No.測試儀器Test Equipment ListNo.測試儀器Test Equipment ListNo.測試儀器Test Equipment ListNo.測試儀器Test Equipment List
1投影機Projector11温湿度计thermometer21显微镜microscope31泄漏检测仪Leakage detector
2AK-10推拉力計AK-10 push tensorometer12线材摇摆试验机Wire swing test machine22激光尘埃粒子计数器Laser Dust particles counter32数显推拉力计Digest
32D影像测绘仪2D image surveying mapping13直流稳压电源DC stabilization power supply23烙铁咀温度计Thermometer thermometer33锡炉温度测试仪Tin furnace temperature tester
4带表卡尺Gauge14多路温度测试仪Multi -road temperature tester24正压气密测漏机Positive pressure omitage leakage machine34泄漏检测仪Leakage detector
5耐压测试机Pressure -resistant test machine15精密线材测试机Precision wire testing machine25恒温恒湿试验箱Constant temperature and humidity test box35泄漏检测仪Leakage detector
6直流低电阻测试仪DC low resistance tester16精密线材测试机Precision wire testing machine26千分尺(0~25mm)Thousand points (0 ~ 25mm)36开关式标准直流电源Switch standard DC power supply
7绝缘电阻测试仪Insulation Resistance Tester17精密线材测试机Precision wire testing machine27全自动插拔力试验机Fully automatic plug -in test machine37盐雾试验机Salt spray test machine
8电子台秤(150kg)Electronic table scale (150kg)18精密线材测试机Precision wire testing machine28端子截面分析仪Terminal section analyzer
9鼓风干燥试验箱Drum drying test box19電子秤(7.5kg)Electronic scale (7.5kg)29能量色散X荧光光谱仪(XRF)Energy Sanxian X fluorescent spectrometer (XRF)
10电子天平(2kg)Electronic balance (2KG)20显微镜microscope30泄漏检测仪Leakage detector

    Test Equipment Images