Cable Assemblies for Automobile

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Cable Assembly for Automobile


Overview-IATF 16949 Certified

Join Tek specializes in the automotive industry, delivering superior cable assemblies for various automotive module and system components. Our expertise in over-molded technology ensures robust connectivity, withstanding harsh environments through wide-ranging temperature resistance.



  1. Specialized in cable assembly of ADAS System (Advanced driver-assistance systems)
  2. Wide Range of temperature resistence
  3. Comply to requirements of IPC-A-620 to have secured terminals
  4. High-tech Glue dispensing
  5. Sophisticated soldering technique
  6. Complex wireharness assembly


  1. Automotive ADAS System
  2. Automotive Lighting system
  3. Automotive Rearview mirror
  4. Automotive Cooling fan System
  5. IVI system
  6. Power Seat System






  1. Reliable Soldering technique
  2. Water-proof air-tight test
  3. Glue Dispensing
  4. Pulling force test between terminal, wire and housing
  5. High-tech over-molded technique
Cable Assemblies for Automobile