JT-12 M12 Screw Lock




General Standard Connector for E-bike, compatible with multiple brands.

Excellent connectivity solution for LEV for its quick installation in the production line, with intuitive assembly will definitely be a great way to start a E-bike design for all the e-bike designer.

With its reliable performance, they offer a tight, waterproof connection. There are quite a few different types based on the number of pins to provide an intuitive way for the operator in the production line.



  1. M12 Screrw Lock Easily installable connector system
  2. M12  Environment protection IP67
  3. All connectors also available with gold-flash plated contacts for higher conductivity
  4. Shield reliable
  5. Colored by different pins
  6. Quick and secure connection
  7. M10 Plugin Compact, reliable, and environmentally protected connection system
  8. Includes signal and terminated cable assemblies of over-molded construction
  9. M12 RoHS Compliant


  1.  LEV



Item Number  JT-12
Contacts 8 Pins
Dimension  M12
Type Screw Lock
Rated Current 2.5A (Depends on the cable)
Rated Voltage 60V
Insulation Resistance ≥20MΩ
Contact Resistance ≤10mΩ
Durability Repeated Insert and withdraw up to 200 cycles
Ingress Protection IP67
Temperature Range -40°C~85°C


Find more details in the M10 Datasheet Female

Find more details in the  M10 Datasheet Male

JT-12 M12 Screw Lock