Cable Assemblies for Military

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Cable Assembly for Military



Join Tek prioritizes mission success and personnel welfare, ensuring military cable assemblies adhere to stringent industry and military standards. Our superior build-to-print solutions are engineered for unwavering performance under various conditions, including weather, environment, altitude, and shielding demands.

Testing Procedures for Military Cable Assemblies to meet rigorous military and aerospace demands, we subject our cable assemblies to thorough post-manufacturing testing. These tests, including Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Insulation Resistance, DC Resistance, VSWR, and others upon request, ensure compliance with customer specifications and MIL-SPEC standards.

Military Cable Assembly Design Considerations Join Tek meticulously considers various factors when crafting MIL-SPEC cable assemblies due to their critical application:

  1. Function: Assembly design aligns with the intricacies of the application’s requirements.
  2. Environment: Environmental elements, such as altitude, depth, temperature, wind, sand, and humidity, are factored into the design.
  3. Military Specifications: Adherence to MIL-STD-454 and other pertinent MIL-SPEC standards is ensured.




Cable Assemblies for Military